Guide to offers

There are three types of Offer that we can set up for you, each one designed for a different purpose. Whichever Offer type you choose, you can choose which Events it should apply to, which customers should be eligible to receive a discount, and whether there should be any limits on the Offer’s use.

Offer Types

The first thing to decide when planning an Offer is what type of Offer you want to use. Each type works differently and allows you to do different things, so it’s important to understand the differences between them.

A Multibuy Offer works across one or more Events and applies a discount evenly across each eligible ticket. You can set the minimum number of Events a customer has to buy a ticket for in order to qualify, and the minimum number of tickets they have to buy per Event.

Let’s say you want an Offer that gives a total discount of £20 to customers buying one or more tickets to four Events in your season. It will do that by applying a £5 discount to each ticket - across four tickets that’s a £20 discount. It also applies if customers buy more than one ticket per Event, as long as they buy the same number per Event - if a customer purchases three tickets to each Event they will get three sets of the £20 discount, giving a total discount of £60.

For example you might set up an Offer that gives £5 off a ticket when customers buy one or more tickets for four Events in your season. For every four eligible tickets (i.e. one per Event) it will apply a £5 discount off each ticket to make up the overall £20 discount per group of four: if a customer purchased three tickets for each Event they would then get a £60 discount.

This is the only type of Offer that can work across multiple Events or Instances; the discount will apply to any eligible items in the basket, whichever Event/Instance they come from.

X for Y
This is the type of Offer you want for any 3 for 2 or Buy 10 get the 11th free  Offers, and works by discounting one or more tickets to £0.00. X for Y  Offers can only apply to matching tickets from the same Event and Instance.

For instance if you want to make a 3 for 2 Offer, within every three tickets that fulfil the Offer’s criteria the system will discount one of them to £0.00. If a customer purchased six eligible tickets, they would only pay for four of them.

Package Offers apply discounts across combinations of items; to be eligible for a Package Offer a customer has to have the relevant number of each item in their basket. As with X for Y Offers, Package Offers only apply across eligible tickets for the same Event and Instance.

You can choose which items get the discount. For example you might set up a Family Offer where customers need to purchase two Adult and two Child tickets to be eligible for £5 off each Child ticket. For every four eligible tickets the Offer will apply two £5 discounts, so in a basket containing four Adult and four Child tickets there would be a total discount of £20.

This is the only Offer type that can include non-ticket items, in the form of Merchandise, for example a meal or an event programme.


If you're ready to set up your event, please click here. You can tell us about any offers you'd like to include in the "Anything else" section of your set up form. If you have any questions about our offer types, please email or telephone 01865 305 305. 

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