Charivari Agreable

Thy Word is a Lantern

Early Music by Candlelight Summer Festival

Tickets £20

Early Music by Candlelight Summer Festival

Choral Music from Tudor to Hanoverian England: Byrd (Mass for 4 voices), Purcell (Chapel Royal verse anthems), Greene (Arise, shine, o Zion), Boyce (The heavens declare), and anthems by Amner & Mundy.

Performed by award-winning period ensemble Charivari Agréable:

Olwen Lintern-Smyth (soprano)

Henry Kimber (countertenor)

William Anderson (tenor)

Michael Hickman (bass)

dir. Kah-Ming Ng (chamber organ)

Wheelchair Spaces & Accessible Seating

If you require a wheelchair space or accessible seating for this event, please call 01865 305 305 or email for further assistance.