Oxford Festival of the Arts

TASTE THE CLASSICS: The Fall and Rebirth of Wine

from the Dark Ages to the Dining Table of Royalties

Tickets £40

Inspired by the eleven panel mosaic representing mythological scenes associating Bacchus/Dionysius with the nine muses, the festival is delighted to be presenting wine and absinthe tastings in this year’s programme.

The mosaic is possibly the work of an African itinerant mosaicist in the late Roman period. It was discovered in 1947 by a team from Florence in the Roman Villa of Torre de Palma in southern Portugal and is now housed at the National Museum of Archaeology.

After the fall of the Roman Empire wine experienced a serious downward trend in Europe. Join our tasting to find out how wine production was reshaped by historic events, what role the monks had in regaining wine’s popularity, and how champagne was considered the devil’s wine.

Wheelchair Spaces

If you require a wheelchair space for this event, please call 01865 305 305 or email [email protected] for further assistance.