Euton Daley’s Unlock the Chains Collective

Still Breathing

Tickets £12 (concessions available)

That fear of mistaken identity

Wrong place/wrong time

Born in the wrong skin/colour


Being Black is not a death sentence

We invite you to celebrate the lives we have lost in a memorial of poetry, music, song, dance and ritual.

In the outpouring of grief loud voices rise to admonish, to question and to rally in the struggle for understanding and strength at a time of fear and with a sense of powerlessness. In the era of the Black Lives Matter movement, Euton Daley’s Unlock the Chains Collective looks at generations of prejudice in a powerful tribute and remembrance to the fallen and the millions still fighting for a just world.

Inspired by real life experiences, Still Breathing is an urgent cry in the continual struggles for freedom, equality and justice - "This time things can be different"

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