Cathedral Singers of Christ Church Oxford

On Christmas Night: Carols for Choir and Audience

Tickets £15

A college quad seen through an arch with a Christmas tree in the middle

Hilary Punnett, director
Daniel Tate, baritone
Simon Hogan, organ
Thomas Simpson, organ

In their concert On Christmas Night, the Cathedral Singers will portray the joy and excitement of Christmas Night with carols old and new, both for choir and audience. The principal works, Vaughan-Williams A Fantasia on Christmas Carols, featuring baritone soloist Daniel Tate, and McDowall A Winter's Night, both bring together traditional melodies reminiscent of door to door carollers, in honour of which a glass of mulled wine (or soft drink) will be served to audience members during the interval.

Wheelchair Spaces

If you require a wheelchair space for this event, please call 01865 305 305 or email for further assistance.