Oxford Theatre Guild

Macbeth by William Shakespeare

Tickets £15

Shakespeare’s darkest of tragedies is brought to life in this gritty and visceral production. Set at the dawning of the Scottish nation, amid turbulent and almost calamitous uprisings from neighbouring northern kingdoms and incursions from raiding Viking clans, the world this play inhabits is as brutal and unrelenting as the descent into madness by its titular character. As Macbeth gives himself over to the seductive prophecies of three nameless beings in the smoke and mud of an 11th century battlefield, watch as his mind unravels as he wrestles with the aftermath of his deeds and consequences of immersing himself in what he cannot comprehend. Featuring a raft of professional collaboration, including original musical composition and combat choreography, this production seeks to pull its audience into the roller coaster of one maniac’s grapple for sanity, in which the stakes could not be higher.

Wheelchair Spaces

If you require a wheelchair space for this event, please call 01865 305 305 or email [email protected] for further assistance.