Charivari Agreable

In Guilty Night

Tickets £20

17th-century sacred songs, psalms, motets and anthems

Purcell: Saul and the Witch of Endor

Handel: Author of Peace (from Saul)

Buxtehude: In te Domine speravi BuxWV 53

Monteverdi: Lauda Jerusalem; Laudate Dominum

Locke: In the beginning

Tomkins: De profundis

Charivari Agréable

Olwen Lintern-Smyth — soprano

James Armitage — countertenor

Michael Hickman — bass

Richard MacKenzie —†archlute

dir. Kah-Ming Ng — chamber organ

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Wheelchair Spaces & Accessible Seating

If you require a wheelchair space or accessible seating for this event, please call 01865 305 305 or email for further assistance.