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by Jean Racine

Tickets £15

The war is over but she must fight on. Her husband is killed in battle, her family murdered, her city burned to the ground. Andromache and her son are captives, the spoils of war. Her enemies crave her submission and demand his death. Can she survive? Brought to Oxford for its premiere, this new English translation of Racine’s classic tragedy is a sharp, contemporary story of desire and pride, resentment and revenge, of the lengths we go to get what we want, and the sacrifices demanded to protect those we love.

One year has passed since the fall of Troy. The city is in ruins, its women and children brought as slaves to Greece. Pyrrhus, son of the hero Achilles, returns home to marry Hermione, daughter of Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world. But he is captivated by his prisoner Andromache, the widow of Hector, Troy’s greatest soldier. Her child, Hector’s heir, is all that is left of Troy and exiled and in mourning, Andromache must protect her son. The Greeks have sent Orestes to demand the child’s death, the boy’s life hangs in the balance. Orestes, however, has a personal mission - to win back Hermione. He loves Hermione, who loves Pyrrhus, who loves Andromache. But this is not a love story - the war is over, its heroes lie dead.

Now their children must pick up the pieces. Racine’s masterpiece, one of European theatre’s greatest dramas, rarely performed in English, is brought vividly to life in this modern translation staged in Trinity College’s stunning 17th century chapel.

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